Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Wedding Series #3: Wedding Fairs

It's been a while since any blog posts have appeared here on RL, let's all blame my new job which has been great, but really tiring. So, I thought that I would spend my day off catching up on the lovely blogging community and writing a few posts. It's also been a while since my last wedding planning post, so it's the perfect time to fill you in on ha plans we have been making...

This instalment has to be my favourite one to date as it has been one the aspects of wedding planning that I was most looking forward to, and that is going to Wedding Fairs. I had been to them before with my Auntie when I was a bridesmaid for her, but it was so much different this time, with me being the bride and going along with the man who will soon become my husband. I thought that I would put together some of the tips and tricks that I thought would be useful to other Brides and Grooms To Be.

My biggest bit of advice would be to go with an open mind. You might have an idea in your head of everything that you want, but if you go there expecting everything to be exactly how you want it then it's likely that you will be walking away very disappointed. It's completely fine to have some ideas in your head but the companies who will be exhibiting there, will show you the products/offers that they feel showcase their company in the best way possible to as many people on that given day. With this in mind, their products might not seem to your taste or to your scheme, but have a quick chat with them and let them know what it is that you have in mind and they will tell you if it is something that they can accommodate. They will also try to showcase the products that they have that are 'on trend', so even though they may seem limited with the products that they have that day, but in reality they are likely to offer so much more.

Don't be afraid to tell suppliers exactly what you want. After all, it is your and your partners day. If you have a set idea in mind then tell every detail possible. If you have any questions at all, then a wedding fair is the perfect time to ask them. I asked so many different things that I wanted to make sure I was absolutely clear on, from anything to prices to availability.

My final tip would be to take someone with you. Both Olly and I went together but for the next one, I'm going with my Mum and my bridesmaid. I think it just helps to have a second opinion and someone else there for support.

I hope that you have enjoyed this instalment, I think as a Bride to Be attending a wedding fair is a really exciting part of wedding planning. Have you been to a wedding fair?

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