Saturday, 3 May 2014

Makeup Revolution Vamp Collection Lipsticks

If you haven't heard of revolution by now then where have you been? This new, purse-friendly company have been making quite the impression on Twitter amongst us beauty bloggers, and for good reason! They have a range of products that rival high end brands, all starting from just £1! What's not to love?  I recently placed an order with them and couldn't resist some of the more unusual items. I thought that I would share with you one part of that order by showing you the Vamp Collection of lipsticks.

Although totally season inappropriate, I am a sucker for darker shades come autumn and winter. Right now, I'm all about the brights but I really couldn't resist these stunning shades. As you might have guessed from the name, this small collection features three "vampy" shades of lipstick, from an almost black to a deep berry shade. The packaging is very similar to that from MUA with a plastic casing and a cap of colour on the lid. I love this little idea as it makes it so easy to find amongst my sea of lip products. The plastic casing is little wobbly and prone to the lid coming loose in your makeup, but for the price it really isn't something to complain about!

The formula of the lipsticks is pretty incredible. They are so creamy pigmented, so much so that I was genuinely shocked when I first tried them. For the £1 price tag I really wasn't expecting much from them, but I have happily eaten my words! Definitely up there with some of my more expensive lipsticks!

Onto the shades.

Black Heart: The name pretty much says it all! An almost  black lipstick which isn't as scary as it sounds. It has a deep purple undertone to it which catches the light beautifully. This will be the one that I mix with other shades to vamp them up!

Rebel With Cause: A MAC Rebel dupe anyone! MACs Rebel is one of my all time favourite lipsticks, but this one is definitely on par. It's deep berry tones will be perfect for a statement lip in the autumn winter.

100% Vamp: This is another very deep dark shade, but one that is surprisingly wearable. This can be worn full on for a deep purple shade, or sheered out for a just bitten berry look. Love, love love!

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution yet? I can't wait to share their blue lipstick with you all!

You can purchase from them here. 

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