Monday, 19 May 2014

Five Coral Lip Products for Summer

I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say the weather that we have been having recently has been beautiful, and has only made me more excited for the hopefully warmer months ahead. Now that we have some decent sun, I've been switching up my makeup bag, swapping products that are destined for the colder months in favour of those with a pretty summer hue. One of my favourite shades to wear is coral. I love to wear this in a variety of ways throughout summer, as I think that it is just such a versatile and fun shade. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you my favourite coral lip products for the summer season...

First up is MUA's lipstick in Nectar. This is a really soft orange shade which looks lovely as a statement lip. It has a very soft, creamy and pigmented formula which is absolutely incredible for £1!! This is actually my second one of this now as I wore it continually last summer.
Another bargain coral is Tangtastic matte lipstick from Vivo. This is a milky orange soda type shade which is just stunning. It looks just beautiful with minimal makeup and bronzed skin. It's also not too matte that it looks like war paint, which is a bonus in the heat.
My next pick is ELFs Studio Matte Lip Colour in Coral. This is slightly more pink on the lips than in the swatch but it is still pretty stunning. I love how easy this is to wear and it has been my go to lipstick for work these past few weeks.
The only gloss that I have picked is Benefits Ultra Plush Gloss in A-Lister. This is described as a bubble gum pink on the Benefit website, but I would definitely call it coral. This makes my lips look really full and healthy and the best thing is that the consistency is incredible. It isn't to thick or sticky, but in fact glides on like a dream and lasts for a long time on the lips.
The final shade is by far my favourite, but is sadly limited edition. I know, I know, it's such a pain when you can no longer get a product but this one was just too pretty to leave out. That particular product is MACs Cut a Caper lipstick. I bought this when the Heavenly Creatures collection was released and have loved it ever since. It's a lovely strong coral shade that adds a pop of colour to any look. It does have a shiny finish due to it's lustre formula which goes perfectly with a cocktail!

I'm pretty sure that I'll be wearing coral all summer long! What shade is your summer staple?


  1. I love coral lips! its such a gorgeous thing! Cut a caper is so good

    1. I wish that I had bought a back up too! x

  2. Such gorgeous colours. I cant believe the MUA lipstick was ONLY £1!!!!

    pop over!=] I Walk In Fashion


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