Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Makeup Products for Beginners

I'm sure that most of us beauty bloggers cane remember the day that we first decided that we were in love with makeup and starting stalking the shelves of boots, looking for something that would become our BFF's. I reckon I was in my first year of high school when I really knew that I had a thing for makeup, and I remember that my first eyeshadow was a frosty lilac shade that was really poor quality, but boy did I love it! 
Thanks to growing older and becoming wiser (I think), my makeup choices have changed, so I thought that I would put together a few items that I think are great for those who are just getting into makeup. So here they are...

Makeup Products for Beginners

Base Products:
I would recommend something really light so that you can get used to application and picking the right shade. Something like a tinted moisturiser would be perfect, but the item that  have picked is MUA Undress Your Skin - here £5.00 is perfect. This has a very light dewy finish, that allows your skin to to show through, rather than being full coverage. 
Powder isn't a necessity but I thought that I would include it anyway. The one that I picked is Maybelline Fit Me - here £5.99 as it is one that I continually go back to. I find that a lot of high street powders can ave quite an orange tone to them but this one comes in plenty of different shades so there will be one for everyone. I only wish that this came out years ago, because I was definitely one of those girls who wore powder that made me look tangoed!
For blush, you can't go wrong with Sleek Blushes -  here £4.49 which are buttery soft and always look soft and natural. They have a lovely shade range too all bases are covered.

Eye Products:
If you are just starting out with makeup, I think neutral is the way to go. Using a palette is perfect as it allows you to play around with shades so you will know what works for you. MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - here £4.00  is perfect for creating a range of eye looks, and it includes 12 neutral shades that will be perfect for school or work.
There are thousands of eyeliners on the market, some are good and some not so good. The best ones that I've found are from Rimmel, and they are the Scandaleyes Kohl Liners - here £3.99 . These are great fro beginners as they come in a range of shades, are extremely creamy making them easy to work with, and they are a bargain!
The mascara that I picked was Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - here £4.99 as this was the very first mascara that I used. It gives a natural look to lashes and coats them really nicely.

Lip Products:
My advice to someone who is just getting into makeup would be to start of with tinted balms before going for lipsticks. This way you will know what colours work best for you, and you lips will be in tip top condition too. For a bargain price and really yummy scent I would recommend NYC Applelicious tinted balm - here £2.49. Not only do these make your lips look lovely and healthy, but they are also incredibly cute.
If you wanted something that's longer lasting and has a bigger shade range then you should have a look at the Revlon Lip Butters, here £7.99. These are really stunning and nourishing on the lips, and with lots of different shades to choose from.

So, that is my recommendations for those who are just getting into makeup, or are perhaps thinking about making their first beauty purchases. There is such a great choice out there, it really does make it easier for those who are a little unsure about what to purchase. I know that I wish that I had some recommended products before I was let loose in the makeup aisle, because lets face it, orange bronzer and blue mascara is not a good look.
If you have any other starter tips I'd love to hear them too :)

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