Saturday, 9 November 2013

Botanics Ionic Clay Face Mask

Since getting back from my holidays, my already oily skin has been turning into a mega oil slick. I knew it was time for some new face products, so off I popped into Boots and made a beeline for the Botanics range.

I picked up this face mask as it claims to get rid of excess oil and dirt in the skin. I dropped this straight in my basket and headed home ready to try it out. I initially thought that this was going to be quite a thick mask,
which it is, but I do have a little word of warning. As it stands cap down on the shelves, a lot of the liquid in this mask migrates to the bottom of the tube. This means that when you first apply it, it goes everywhere and looks like you've had a mud fight. This is easily resolved by giving it a good shake before you apply it, so that all the ingredients get mixed up again. To be safe though, it's probably best to apply it over the bathroom sink!

On application, this feels lovely and smooth, and spreads out really evenly across the face. Apply in the regular areas on your face, avoiding eyes, and look your absolute sexiest. It really did transform me into something like the creature from the lagoon. At first it is a deep grey/green shade but it dries to an almost sea foam shade. However, it looks as though there are little wet spots all over the skin. This is the mask extracting all of the excess oil and dirt from your skin, so it does look pretty gross but it feels amazing. After washing this off, my skin did look a little red for a while but that soon went down and I could see the benefits instantly. My makeup also applied better as my pores were reduce and my skin less oily. I also noticed that throughout the day my skin was less shiny and I didn't need to top up my powder as much. Result! 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to everyone who has oily skin as it really is a miracle worker! This is available from Boots and

Have you tried this? What is your fave face mask? 


  1. Sounds quite vile but worthy buying to try xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I've been put off trying this as I usually hateeee clay masks! My faves are Korean sheet masks, no mess and v hydrating! I'm actually holding a giveaway atm where you can win some!

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog



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