Saturday, 22 June 2013

MUA Blusher: Candyfloss

If you follow MUA Cosmetics on Instagram, you will more than likely have seen the new blusher shades that were revealed. A lot of people initially presumed that these products were cream blushers or bronzers, but once the powder blushers were revealed, I knew that some shades would find their way into my makeup bag.

MUA Candyfloss Blusher

The first shade that I'm going to show you is Candyfloss. All of the new shades of blushers have sweet treat inspired names, and is something that I'm pleased to see. As with the rest of MUA's powder blushers, the formulation is nothing to moan about. I literally cannot fault it in any major way. They are so pigmented that they rival some of the more expensive blushers that I own, and they do not budge once applied. What more do you want in a blusher? Well, they blend like a dream, I was a little worried about them looking stark against my medium skin tone due to the high levels of pigmentation, but these look so lovely applied to the apples of my cheeks. I apply this with the F6 Blusher and Contour Brush from MUA and it is a match made in heaven. 
MUA Candyfloss Blusher Makeup Face Powder

Candyfloss is a lovely rose pink which I would say has slight purple undertones. It also has a tiny amount of shimmer which lifts the shade when applied, but doesn't make you look like a walking disco ball. I find this shade to be the most natural of the new shades and is one I have found myself reaching for quite often. I do prefer to wear this when I am having a very simple makeup day. For example, I wore this one day with my regular bronzer and it looked like there was too much going on. The day after I tried it with nothing more than my regular base and mascara and it looked lovely.
MUA Candyfloss Blusher Makeup Face Powder

Overall, I really enjoy these new blushers from MUA, and I do have another few shades to share with you. I would definitely recommend picking one of these up from Superdrug or here from their online store. For the bargain price of £1, you can treat yourself to every shade!

Do you like MUA blushers? What is your favourite shade?


  1. This is such a lovely shade xx

  2. I love these new blushes, I got Candyfloss and Marshmallow and I love them x

  3. Such a pretty colour!! I dont need any more blushes!! way way way to many x x


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