Monday, 21 December 2015

The Melt Crowd | December

I think that there is nothing more festive than filling your home with lovely fragrances at Christmas time and this months Melt Crowd box has helped me do just that. Each month I look forward to getting this in the post and seeing what the lovely people over at Flamingo Candles have put together for us.

This month there was a few little extras included in the box which is so cute. It was my sixth month of subscription and there was an extra tart melt which fitted extremely well with the theme of the box. As its Christmas, there was also a little flamingo tree decoration which is such a nice little touch. I'm going to find a place to have this out all year round.

Onto the melts included in this months box...

Asian Pear and Plum is so sweet yet with just enough floral in it to make it slightly more grown up. It makes for a really light scent that would be perfect all year round. 
Black Tea and Almond is one of my favourites. You can really smell the almond in this which makes the room smell like a lovely cake shop. The Black Tea is just so comforting, this one would be perfect for a snuggly night.
Christmas Pudding is a Melt Crowd exclusive and is one that I'm still not sure about. It's really not something that I have ever like so this would never be a hit with me, but there is no doubting that it smells exactly like a Christmas Pudding.
Cinnamon Sticks just screams Christmas to me. Whilst some cinnamon scents can be really overwhelming this one is just right. This will be my Christmas eve scent.
Mulled Wine and Berries is a really lovely twist on a classic. The mulled wine is spicy and warming, yet the berries adds a nice juicy and fruity element to it. Perfect if you're looking for something a little different.
Vanilla Milk Bottles is definitely the sweetest of the bunch. It's sweet, sugary, warm and smooth, whilst taking me right back to my childhood.
Black Cherry is another Melt Crowd exclusive and if this was available in full candle size, I would snap it up right away. You can smell this as soon as you open the box, it is so fruity and yummy that I just want to take a bite out of it.
Mistletoe, another exclusive is so fresh and clean smelling. It s exactly how I would imagine Mistletoe to smell. It's a welcome change from all of the strong scents featured in this box.
Finally, Snow Angel is the 6 month gift, and is just so beautiful. It smells like fresh air which I know is a little strange but growing up in the countryside and now living in the city, this makes me so nostalgic.

This month is just perfect and they keep getting better and better each month. Here's to seeing what January has in store.
Which is your favourite from this months box?
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