Monday, 20 July 2015

The Melt Crowd From Flamingo Candles | July

A couple of weeks ago I was having the busiest few weeks I've had in a long time, which also explains the extreme lack of blogging for a while! During this busy time, I was having a quick scroll through Twitter and I saw the new Melt Crowd box from Flamingo Candles. Candles are a huge weakness of mine and I'm actually over run with them, but does that stop me buying them? Hell no!

The Melt Crowd box features eight wax tarts, and your first subscription comes with an adorable little tart burner which is great for those who might not already have this. I try and use wax tarts for as long as possible, to get the most out of their scents. My brand of choice was Yankee Candle tarts but I found that I could only use these 4 times at the most before their was no scent left. With the Flamingo Candles ones I have been burning them all day every day and they still as strong as they did when I first opened the package. 

Each box comes with a menu card with an image of the tarts and their respective scents, along with use and safety instructions. The eight scents featured are Raspberry and Salted Caramel, Cucumber and Melon, Mojito, Lemon Curd, Oriental Lotus and Rose, Pink Lemonade, along with two box exclusives, Green Tomato Leaf and Island Breeze. They are all stunning scents and there isn't one that I dislike. I've been using Island Breeze during this lovely warm weather we've been having and it fills my apartment with the perfect fresh air that you get when on holiday somewhere tropical. 

At £10 a month including postage, this is one subscription box that I think everyone will love! It would make a lovely gift for a candle fanatic or would be great for building up a candle collection. You can find out more and subscribe here.

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