Thursday, 30 January 2014

Valentines Day with Fragrance Direct

Hands up who loves a good fragrance? Hands up who always sprays the tester bottles on offer? My hand was placed firmly up in the air for both of those. I really enjoy discovering a new fragrances and repurchasing old favourites. So I was extremely delighted when I was contacted by Fragrance Direct to see if I would put together some of my favourite scents for Valentines Day. Here are those scents that I chose to share with you and I'm pretty sure that you won't be disappointed!

First up is the ultra girly Vera Wang Pink Princess*. How could anyone deny that this is the perfect valentines fragrance. Just look at that bottle, it's pink, covered in sequins and heart shaped. If that doesn't scream valentines then I don't know what does. Oh and the little crown on top. Never forget the crown! The scent is pretty typical of the bottle, with a sweet and floral fragrance that is quite common amongst perfume. However, the thing that makes this stand out from the rest is the beautiful inclusion of citrus. I find that this lifts the perfume a bit, making it lighter making it a great all year round scent. Whenever I smell this, I can always picture pink grapefruits and marshmallows. I'm sure this will be one that put a smile on your dates face.

Next is Lady Gagas Fame*. This is not your typical girly looking bottle like the previous scent, but that's one of the main reasons I chose it. not every girl out there loves pink and sparkles, but does favour a sweet and fruity fragrance. The bottle is really interesting with a structured gold lid and black liquid. It certainly is one that will draw your dates attention when you get this out of your bag. Onto the actual scent, it is certainly beautiful and very feminine. I would describe this as fruity, floral and dark. I know that dark seems a bit vague but aside from the colour of the liquid, I can imagine really deep purple flowers been included in this.

Finally, we have one for the men! Joop Homme Wild* is a relatively new fragrance on the market, but boy is it beautiful! It has quite a woody and earthy tone to it which I really like as it smells so manly! It reminds me of the smell of hot rum from my holidays in Mexico with my Fiancé, which is one of the reasons I think me and him love it so much. I was surprised at first, as I thought that it smelt quite feminine and had to look up what the top notes were as I just couldn't put my finger on it. I found out that it does have a top note of pink pepper and white tobacco, which then develops into the woody notes. I would definitely buy this for the man in your life or treat yourself to this, because we all know that there is nothing better than a man who smells good!

So there we have my Valentines Fragrance picks. I hope that there was something there for everyone and that you were inspired to go out an try these fragrances. All of these are available here - from Fragrance Direct all at bargain prices! I would love to know what your favourite scent is?
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  1. I love Lady Gaga's Fame, it's lovely! I would buy Princess for the bottle alone!
    Sweet Dreams


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