Thursday, 31 October 2013

My Very First OOTD

I've bitten the bullet and posted my very first OOTD! I've been thinking of doing this for a long time but I've never actually got round to it, I feel like an idiot when standing in front of the camera, and quite frankly I always thought I was too large to do this. But here it is, my very first one!

So, it's a little too late in the UK now for pretty summery outfits but I did take some outfit posts whilst I was in Mexico earlier this month, which means that they're not quite suitable for the chilly weather we're having now but I thought I would show them nonetheless. 

Notice the green theme? I waited until the last few days of the holiday because I thought the pastel green skirt would show off my tan.

Top: Primark £2.00
Skirt: River Island £10.00 (Sale)
Sandals: Primark £4.00
Zig Zag Rings: Asos Curve £10.00 for 6

A very very simple outfit but it was so comfortable on those really hot nights. The style of the skirt helped balance out my broad shoulders and waist, something which I've always struggled with. Although I do get self conscious about my curves and flabby bits, I think I've found the right shape of clothing for me, something which flatters my figure.

I definitely will be posting more OOTD's in the future.

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  1. I did my first OOTD this week too! YOu look lovely :) Hope you had a lovely time



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