Thursday, 20 December 2012

Lush Party Popper Bath Bomb

How could I not pick up this amazing looking bath bomb on my recent trip to Lush?! This cone shaped bath bomb of both blue and pink immediately stood out to me as fun and I couldn't wait to try it!

When I first dropped this into the bath, I couldn't believe how much it was fizzing. It was a little bit like "blink and you'll miss it" because it really does fizz so fast. This is down to the popping candy that is stored inside this bath bombs makeup. The popping candy also makes a really fun hissing noise whilst turning your bath bright pink! As this is fizzing out small flakes of Honeydew Melon soap appear in the bath which at first I found kind of weird but they were a lovely addition.

As the party popper I picked up had quite even amounts of both blue and pink, I had a pretty standard lavender coloured water, but I have seen other bloggers who have had bright pink or bright blue baths.
The scent reminded me of Champagne, which was amazing! My bathroom was filled with the gorgeous scent you get when you have cocktails or a champagne reception somewhere. The actual scents that have been included in this are tangerine and bergamont oils, and coconut and rose oils.

 I wasn't so sure about using the honeydew melon to wash with, it just seemed a bit weird , but I gave it a go and it wasn't bad but it wasn't my favourite thing in the world. 

Overall, I think I would repurchase this again, mainly for the scent I think. At £2.95 each, I can see why this has been one of Lush's bestsellers this Christmas.

Have you tried this? What has been your favourite Lush product this festive season?


  1. I smelt this in lush the other day and wanted to buy it so badly, but the shop was rammed! I might see if I can pick it up after Christmas!

    Leanne @ xx

    1. I'd definitely try and get it, just to experience it :) x


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