Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Catch Up

I usually dislike these sort of posts because I never really understood why people apologised for not posting in  a while. However, as my posting has been somewhat sporadic in the past few months I thought it would be nice to have a little catch up with you all.

In the past couple of months I have been extremely busy for different reasons. Most of you will know that my Fiance and I are getting married next year and I have been making plans for the big day. Anyone who says that you should enjoy the planning are 100% right, but they also forgot to mention that you will be the most stressed you have ever been in your entire life. Trying to get hold of suppliers, make payments and appointments is not easy, especially when you live 70 miles away from your home town which is also where the wedding is taking place. I really applaud those who plan their big day in a few months or weeks. 

We're also in the process of trying to find a new place to move into, as our contract is over in a few months and we want to give ourselves plenty of time to find somewhere new. Having moved out of my parents home four years ago, I had forgotten how hard it can be to find somewhere that meets all of your needs and isn't costing the earth. So with that and the wedding, along with working full time, I feel as though I haven't had much time at all to relax or do any more hobbies. 

So, I'm making much more of an effort to make sure that I have some time for myself, including this little blog. From now on keep an eye out for more blog posts from me! 

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