Friday, 20 March 2015

The Three New Additions

After saving up all my MAC empties, I finally got round to participating in their Back to MAC scheme. I had been saving them up for a while and today I had enough for three lipsticks which left me with the difficult decision of picking them.

The Back to MAC scheme is such a great little scheme by MAC. It allows you take back six of their empty packaging in return for a free lipstick. The only exceptions are that you cannot pick limited edition shades or the Viva Glam shades. The only pieces of packaging that you cannot exchange are secondary packaging such as shopping bags and boxes, samples, applicators such as brushes, sponges and accessories like lashes. 

As I had 18 empties I had enough for three lipsticks. The shades that I picked up were Pink Plaid, Sunny Seoul and Honey Love. I had been wanting a nude shade that was warm enough without been too brown and cool enough without been too pale. Originally I had wanted Velvet Teddy but trying to track that down is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack so that is why I picked up Honey Love instead. 
I had also gone with a coral shade in mind, as one of my favourite shades is Cut A Caper, but as this was a limited edition shade I am trying to wear it as little as possible in the hope that it is re-released. The shade that was most similar was Sunny Seoul which I haven't heard a lot about, but it is quite a pink toned coral, and will be lovely for spring/summer.
The final shade that I picked up was Pink Plaid. This is one that I have seen time and time again and have just bypassed it as I didn't think that it looked anything special.That was until I swatched it in store and saw just how lovely it was. Pink Plaid is a dusky pink shade with a matte finish that will be perfect for all occasions. 

If you have some near to finishing MAC products, keep hold of them and save them up for the Back to MAC scheme because it really is worth it. All of this should have cost £46.50 but ended up costing me absolutely nothing!


  1. OOh I love the look of Pink Plaid, such a lovely shade x

  2. I ordered a couple last week and was also going to try the Velvet teddy .. alas,again out of stock.
    In the end I went for Hue and shy girl. Both nice but I think I needed a slightly darker nude shade too .. as always I'm drawn to the lighter and more popular shades. Would love to have seen those on Katie.. the pink plaid looks a good colour for me


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