Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Go For Gold This Summer with MUA

Everyone on the planet is aware that its the London 2012 Olympics this summer and the overly priced merchandise is coming out left right and centre!

The one bit of merchandise that I do love is the fact that Makeup Brands are bringing out their own special edition of Olympic inspired makeup. MUA's palette aptly named 'Going For Gold', brings out the colour of the medals, these being the Gold, Silver and Bronze (err duh!)

The thing that I'm really impressed with in this palette is the element of surprise. When MUA were unveilling their new palette one shade at a time everyone expected it to include the colours of the Olympic Rings, each representing a continent. But MUA did the complete opposite and stuck with this colour scheme which I think works extremely well!! The colours are as true in pigmentation as they are in pan form and will create endless glamorous looks, and the colour scheme is perfect for a sultry summer eye.

This palette also has a new design, rather than 6 round pans of shadow, there are 5 square pans of shadow which look a lot more professional and strangely more expensive than the £4 price tag. The outer packaging remains the same, still being a black and clear sturdy palette.

Overall, this palette will be an amazing edition to any makeup be it big or small, due t the fact that it really is quite unique, and certainly shows some patriotism! You'll definitely be a gold medal winner with this palette in your collection!!


  1. Lovely review! Would love to see some swatches!x

    1. Thankyou :) the pictures of the swatches didn't do the shadows justice. I'm going to try and get some more decent pictures of them and then put them on here x


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